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Most of what we suffer from with regard to our general mental health could be put down to different forms of inappropriate anxiety. It could be social anxiety, It could be anxiety about career, relationships even fear of the dark or the future. It could be anxiety about phobias or things that just worry us as individuals like going to the dentist. The reality is that most of us suffer from sort of anxiety some, if not all, of the time.


Whether the causes  of anxiety are inappropriate (e.g. Being locked in a room with a hungry lion is an appropriate cause for anxiety!) the results are real. For example let's look at common Career and Workplace anxieties.

Career / Workplace Anxieties

Some Causes


Some Effects

Not feeling up to the job

Frustrated by lack of advancement / promotion


Unable to communicate with fellow colleagues and/or management

Working too hard

Unable to focus / make decisions

Not feeling appreciated

General anxiety at life

Home life problems spilling over

Chaotic workplace


Headaches of varying intensity


Stomach cramps

Heart palpitations

Loss of libido

Chest pain

Shortness of breath


Extreme fatigue

Disturbed sleep

Aches and pains

Panic attacks


The conventional way of dealing with this does not necessarily provide a quick or effective route to resolution for these issues. This is where 'Provocative Change Works' is incredibly useful - it doesn't involve constant visits to a therapist. This means that it is extremely cost and time effective for people seeking help.

Nick has been working in the field of personal change for over 40 years. As well as being a published author, he has appeared on BBC radio and international media in Europe and Asia. He teaches this PCW approach in 15 overseas countries as well as running 2 successful clinics in the UK and working with clients via Skype.

This PCW approach uses a combination of hypnotherapy and other powerful talk therapy approaches working in a relaxed conversational manner.  

The focus is solely on changing how you think and feel. This means you quickly discover a new sense of freedom from the old problem state, rather than engaging in lots of unhelpful analysis, and focusing on past events.

Every session is recorded, so you can listen back and get the maximum benefits from your session time. You can then realise for yourself,  that you are in fact just one thought away from experiencing lasting and welcome change.


What follows are some of the reactions to his therapy by clients. You can visit Nick in the Manchester or Leeds area Otherwise, Nick is available for Skype sessions. 


Client coached to swim The English Channel

“Thank you for all your help – I couldn’t have done it without your help – You can now stand up in a room and say that your methods and techniques got this fat wheezing bloke across the channel, and I’d back you up 100%.”

Pete Windridge – France (Coached with the PCW method)

Sports performance client

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“Doing 22 stories yesterday was a massive difference! I now feel confident to go up tall buildings with a sense of enjoyment”

Joe (who had an extreme fear of heights for over 15 years)

  “I found PCW very helpful in dealing with my fear and I would recommend Nick Kemp to anyone… It helped me to re-asses the way I thought about my fear and I found it to be a very positive experience.”

Jane F

 “An amazingly powerful technique. By working on a single phrase that affected me, I was able to turn my feelings of anxiety into total calm in a few minutes. And best of all, the calm lasted. Exciting stuff”

Hannah (having suffered years of anxiety

“We wanted to help our staff consider that there is more than one response to a given situation, and help them explore a range of possibilities in terms of reactions. Alongside that is the awareness of the power and effect of language to help increase rapport, not only with colleagues, but with our customers.

Feedback from Nick’s work was impressive, in the highly regulated world of insurance we do have to operate to a script when talking to customers to meet FSA requirements; however we are now looking at the specific words we use.

Additionally our staff are more aware of their ‘state’ as a major factor in improving our ability to perform tasks, and how to seek to control this.”

Sue Lewis
Operations Manager Towergate Partnership Ltd - Business - Training Staff

“I’ve been in the retail business for eight years and have had a lot of success until this year, when retail hit a low point. After a major upsizing last year, sales weren’t covering overheads and the business couldnt’ve survived. I brought in the services of Nick Kemp for advise on areas that we could change to get customers back through the doors again.

After a friendly, informal chat over breakfast outside of my shop, Nick suggested loads of things to attract more customers into the shop, like simply adding more colour to the window! This alone increased customer traffic dramatically.

After seeing Nick and implementing just a few of his ideas, within ONE week, the business completely turned around! And to think, I’ve only implemented about 10% of the ideas so far! Now, it’s a case of finding out just how much money the shop can make! Fun times!

If you are looking for a way to increase sales and efficiency in your business, I can whole-heartedly recommend Nick Kemp as a Business Consultant.”

Julie Lingard
MD AQ/AQ Fashion - Business Development

“Our Business is one of the most progressive companies in the UK at exporting beverages. We are the single largest exporter of British ales in the UK, trading in over 50 countries and over 150 importers.

As we look to grow our business, communication on the phone is a huge part of making this growth occur through sales and effective relationship building.

One day with Nick Kemp has completely revolutionised the manner in which we talk to our customers and suppliers.

We achieved all the goals for the day but the session also acted as a good team building exercise as it was hugely interactive and great fun also.

I would have no qualms recommending Nick to any business no matter how small or large, it will be a game changer “

David Davies

Managing Director at Sovereign Beverage - Business

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