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Michael Asumadu – Sakyi
Professional boxer

“ Nick has been a game changer for me! I 100% percent would not be able to perform like i do now without his help”

 Working with Tennis Professional Matt Hingley

“Not long got back from my tournament in Bulgaria, I played a good match and the parts we worked on in our session really helped me within the match.
I was very clear and open with my thoughts, felt a lot more relaxed and able to play with more freedom.
The session really helped me and it was one of the best matches I’ve been involved in mentally since injury.”

Kind regards
Matt Hingley

Business Coaching

“Having worked with Nick Kemp on various projects over several years I am fully aware of the unique skills he possesses, and he was my first port of call when I set about building a telesales team. From the outset his thinking process and training methodology were far superior to any I have encountered in my 14 years of sales. He has the ability to break everything down to a simplistic level. We successfully took 18 people with no experience or discernable skills and within a three day period produced sales staff that have and still are achieving target on a daily basis. Nicks ability to communicate on all levels was truly tested and yet he succeeded. We continue to train new staff with Nick’s bespoke training package, whilst continually assessing and updating existing staff’s skills. As a company we have never missed a sales target, this has been achieved through consistent input from Nick Kemp. He adds strength to our company and is viewed as a team member by all the staff. I see Nick as part of our continued growth and success and am convinced that without his original input and ideas we would not be where we are today.”

Andrew Horner Glister, MD

Clarity Leeds

“As a thought leader in the IT Security industry most would consider being a good speaker as key, whilst true – the ability to listen and engage customers utilising their language & style is the true skill. Nick Kemp has truly opened my eyes as to how conversational skills can really change the way I interact with people. It has without doubt improved my communication skills in business and given me new confidence!”

Greg Day Director

“I have had communication and leadership coaching from Nick on a number of occasions. I had become frustrated in my attempt to improve my skills using the popular books and literature. They never quite seemed to have the information that I required and were far too verbose. Nick was able to distil the techniques of highly effective communication into basic key principles. Nick also helped me to prepare and apply these principles to my specific circumstances. Much of material cannot be simply looked up in books and would require a long time and a lot of mistakes in discovering them from scratch.

Nick is a superb communicator and mentor and I highly recommend him.”

Glenn, Consultant Software Engineer

Therapeutic Testimonials

Helping People Overcome Phobias, Anxiety Issues and Fears

 “Back in January I came to see you… Until yesterday, I hadn’t encountered a frog since my appointment. However, whilst picking flowers in the garden, one of the little creatures jumped out from amongst the pansies about 6 feet away from me. I didn’t have my usual hysterical reaction and turn into a weeping, trembling wreck. I didn’t even move away from it but it outfaced me and eventually I had to go and do something else. Six feet was quite near enough but I am delighted to say that my visits to you paid off and I can now go into the garden with a modicum of confidence.

 Thank you so much for your help.

 Christine (treated for fear of wasps)

 Testimonials for Nick Kemp

“I just wanted to let you know that I went for the blood test this morning, and despite the doctor having to try a couple of times to find a vein, I remained surprisingly calm throughout – I practiced the relaxation exercises both last night and first thing this morning and I was amazed at the almost complete lack of anxiety whilst in the waiting room this morning.”

Louise (treated for fear of needles)

“I want to say Thank You … my husband said it was like going on holiday with a different woman-which is a good thing honestly!

 No Fear of what might be waiting for me in the room/toilets/outside pavements etc just a normal fear-free holiday, I didn’t see any on holiday but then I was not looking for them which is what makes us all think I have changed. I just wanted you to know it worked (which you always knew it would).

 Thank you again”

Patricia (treated for anxiety)

 “I just wanted to say thanks. I have had 2 sessions… Whilst I don’t think i will ever really like wasps (does anybody?), I am perfectly happy if one comes near me. It really has made a massive difference to me. I have been able to enjoy being out in the garden for the first time I can remember. Even the little things, such as leaving windows open in the house or driving with a window open, no longer scare me. Thanks again, I never imagined that these sessions would make the huge difference they have.”

Gabby (treated for fear of wasps)

 My honeymoon was definitely enhanced by the fact I could cope with the flying experience and I think there was part of me that actually enjoyed the flying! So thank you very much for helping me with this, and it definitely worked. My partner was quite amazed at the difference in me.

Jane T (treated for fear of flying)

 Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for seeing me a couple of weeks ago with my fear of flying. As you will remember my anxiety was increasing with each plane journey, to the extent that I had to be practically forced on to my last journey by the aircraft personnel and I felt I was going to ‘pass out’ throughout the flight. I therefore vowed never to put myself through it again. I would now like to recount my flying experience of last week.

I did my homework, making sure I listened to the cd several times and repeated the phrases we agreed on. I knew instantly that the treatment had worked as my outward journey could almost be called a pleasure, but my complicated return journey was complete proof. We were bused out to the plane by coach and we’re just about to board when we were bundled back on. Apparently the Spanish Air Traffic Control decided to do a ‘spot check’ on the plane. Under normal circumstances I would have been distraught, but could look at the episode in a rational way. One on the plane, we also went through a fair amount of turbulence which would normally have me calling the air hostesses over to check that things were ok, but again I stayed completely calm. However the main proof came on landing! Our descent to the airport was perfect and I was able to look for my house for the first time in around 10 years. However just before landing, the plane pulled up and we ascended into the air again. In the past I think I would have passed out at this and already decided that the undercarriage with the wheels wasn’t working and that we were going to die but, again, I was able to look at things in a calm manner and realise that we must have needed to circle till a landing slot became available.

Many many thanks for your help and I would certainly recommend you in the future.

Alison (treated for fear of flying)

PCW client

I came to see you in February of this year, I was having trouble with the feeling of being closed in and also lifts. We were planning on taking my daughter to America at the time. We went to New York in August, I managed the flight OK. Whilst we were there I surprised myself by taking a helicopter tour, going to the top of the Empire State building, and taking a ride on the subway. I was even OK with the lifts in the hotel. We then took an internal flight to Florida and spent ten days there. Then I managed a nine hour flight home. I enjoyed every minute of it but could not have done it without your help.

Linda (treated for claustrophobia)

“I had struggled with social shyness for as long as I can remember, I tried many, many things to become more confident in new social situations. Here are some of the things I tried: Tony Robbins seminars, acting courses, two different hypnotherapists, two different NLP therapists, one of which I flew to Los Angeles to see and listening to many audio products and reading countless books. Then……..I finally managed to organise a session with Nick Kemp. The day I spent with Nick was, in two words “Life Changing”. In a very fun, unassuming way, he was able to see past all the things I was doing and hone in on exactly what I needed to do to change the way I think and feel. Not only that, but he’s given me some excellent tools which have helped me go way beyond what I thought was possible.”

Darren (treated for social anxiety)

 “I would like to thank you for what you have done to change my mindset and since our first consultation until now I feel a different person, a change that my wife is very proud of”

Tony (treated for anger management)

 “Thank you for Friday I did feel a lot better when I came out!”

Vicky S (treated for jealousy)

 Dear Nick “My son is doing so well after having had two sessions with you . The change in him is remarkable. I contacted you in desperation November 2006, He had just been released from Young Offenders Institute for a crime he committed whilst intoxicated, a crime he couldn’t even remember, after his release he was so sad because he knew and I did that it would only be a matter of days before he would take a drink. ONE drink for he is not really possible, after one he can’t stop till he is unconscious. I asked if you could get him in to see you before Christmas as I knew if something didn’t change by then he could end up dead. He came to you the first time on the 15th December and to date has been sober!!! But more than that, hes actually taking pride in himself again , he’s exercising and actually planning the future. I honestly think its saved his life over the festive (Drinking) season! I heard him on the phone this morning telling one of his drinking friends “… I’m keeping fit now! …” Thanks so much.

Kay (Son treated for binge drinking)

“I feel like I’m a different person. I’m not controlled by it, it’s not part of my life. I’m so happy!”

Sine (having given up a cocaine habit)


“I will keep you up dated with how things are going but it looks like I finally have control of my life back.”

Gill (treated for binge eating)

 “I feel much more positive and confident that I can change my routine and ‘choices’ and will persevere with my efforts to achieve a healthy relationship with food. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help and advice”

Janice (treated for binge eating)

“When I think of the future I can’t see myself binging, it’s a million times better now and the thought of binging never even crosses my mind. I feel like I am now always going to be in control”

Saima (treated for binge eating)

“I attended this session because I had a speaking engagement in the USA in following month, and was anxious about giving as good a speech as possible. I knew there would be around 10,000 people present, and I knew I would have to be unscripted, and without the ‘mechanics’ of presentation such as notes and power point. I also knew the expectation was that I would draw heavily on my own experience, and be able to move my audience. The session with Nick helped me in several different ways. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, it highlighted my awareness of the power of my own state when delivering the speech. This meant I had a crucial reference point to return to at the actual point of delivery, and which Nick helped me anchor into my consciousness. Secondly, Nick helped me become aware of the larger location of my feelings in my body, so I was able when speaking to again return to a more relaxed, less anxious and more expansive speaking style. This allowed me to speak from the heart without hesitation. Thirdly, Nick talked me through certain techniques in terms of public speaking and stance which increased my confidence and sense of groundedness. He also introduced ways of accessing states which I associated with feeling strong and open, and helped me understand the energetics of these states. The fact that the session was recorded, and I could reinforce its work by re-experiencing its work was also enormously helpful. I gave the speech – and managed to say what I needed to say, how I wanted to say it, to between 10,000 and 12,000 people – and afterwards received overwhelmingly positive feedback on what I had done. The session with Nick was enormously helpful in achieving this.”

S James Public Speaking

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